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Beer tasting glass, 25cl

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The ideal glass for beer tasting

Together with the expertise of professional beer taster, Elisabeth Pierre, Peugeot has designed the ideal beer glass for an optimal tasting experience. The name Epi, a reference to Elisabeth Pierre, is also the French word for an ear of barley.  Shades of colour, effervescence, head persistence and all the intricate features of beer are revealed in this uniquely shaped tasting glass. 

The narrow then flared shape of the rim allows full appreciation of the intensity of the aromas and encourages a persistent head. The chimney offers good exposure to the aromas and the angle is designed to optimise their concentration. The rounded shape of the Epi glass allows the beer to be swirled smoothly without spillage and provides aromatic beers with a good surface area for exposure. Finally, the stem makes it possible to hold the glass without warming its contents while observing the shades of colour.

 * Ideal capacity: 12.5cl
 * Maximum capacity: 25cl
 * Height: 146mm
 * Rim diameter: 60mm
 * Base diameter: 72.5mm
 * Weight: 151.5g