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Gift Box with Mathus Corkscrew and Epivac Vacuum Pump

In this gift box, ideal for old vintages lovers,  find Mathus corkscrew and Epivac vacuum pump from Peugeot. After opening with ease, extend the life of your opened bottles with the Epivac Vacuum Pump and its two replacement stoppers.
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The indispensable gift box for the oldest vintages

Mathus :
Removing old corks from aging wine bottles can be challenging even to the finest wine collectors. The Peugeot Mathus two prong cork puller is the ideal solution to safely remove aging corks that have become brittle. Mathus can also be used to extract any corks that are pushed down or broken in the bottleneck. Simply insert the blades between the cork and the bottle starting with the long blade. Pull up and twist as you go. Reminiscent of 19th century wine openers, Mathus comes with a contemporary ABS plastic protective case and is an indispensable tool for all fine wine lovers and connoisseurs.
Epivac :
Keep your bottle of wine for several days thanks to the Peugeot Epivac vacuum pump. This wine saver removes some of the air from the wine bottle to prevent oxidization. Epivac comes with two wine stoppers