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Les Impitoyables N°4
Sparkling wine glass 42 cl - 14,2oz

The Peugeot Impitoyable N°4 glass is ideal for sparkling wines. This glass is designed especially to reveal all the qualities of champagnes and other sparkling wines.

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As with all the glasses in the Impitoyables collection, this sparkling wine glass brings you new sensations in the world of tastes and aromas.To reveal the fragrances in the wine, it is important to aerate it. The Impitoyable N°4 sparkling wine glass is streamlined to contain the perfect volume whilst minimising aeration. It has a frosted area at the bottom of the bowl to encourage the appearance of rising columns of bubbles. The largest level placed at the top part of the glass intensifies perception of the fragrances and stops them dispersing. The Impitoyable N°4 sparkling wine glass is an invitation to live, share and celebrate those exceptional sparkling moments.