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Manual nutmeg mill in chocolate wood with magnetic cover, 15cm

A striking combination of chocolate wood, stainless steel, and acrylic gives this nutmeg mill a standout appearance as well as a practical mechanism for fine grating with no risk to your fingers.
  • Chocolate

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All the warmth and delicacy of nutmeg in a spice mill to match

All great chefs and cooking enthusiasts know that a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg can subtly enhance a sweet or savoury dish but often they have to sacrifice their fingers in the process.  The very clever Madras nutmeg mill is the perfect utensil to effectively bring out the flavours of nutmeg with a simple twist of the hand without any risk of a finger injury.  Equipped with a powerful claw and a double blade and grater which rotate at the same time, this nutmeg mill is able to deal with even the hardest nutmeg seed and can hold up to three at a time.  Combining the modern appeal of stainless steel with the natural, rustic feel of wood, the design of the Madras nutmeg mill will fit comfortably in any kitchen environment.  Alongside the Madras salt and pepper grinders, the matching nutmeg mill makes up a trio of tools that you'll soon wonder how you managed without.