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Appolia Slate Ceramic Square Baking Dish, 28cm

The ultra-trendy delicate satin slate colour of this ultra-trendy square-shaped oven dish will make every meal worth celebrating whatever the style of cuisine and occasion be it a long leisurely lunch or a speedy supper.

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Oven dish ideal for healthy, home cooking

French ceramic ovenware has never gone out of fashion at Peugeot but we're delighted that it's making a comeback into mainstream culinary culture as foodies are recognising that its resistance to thermal shock makes it the ideal material for cooking food gently and evenly, which promotes healthy scratch cooking that is packed full of flavour. Made in France, in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards, Peugeot ceramic bakeware is available in different sizes and colours to suit every dining occasion and style. Thanks to the thermal inertia inherent in the oven dish's high-quality materials, Peugeot's Appolia ceramic ovenware is capable of keeping your meals hot for up to 30 minutes after leaving the oven. The high rim improves the capacity of the oven dish to hold generous portions and retains the cooking juices so that your meals lose none of their flavour. The square oven dishes have been designed so they can be nested inside each other to save space and allow for efficient storage.