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A complete collection for all pepper lovers

Maestro Giftbox

- Maestro Mill
- 3 Premium Peppers
- 1 erasable marker
- 1 booklet with food pairing advice

Maestro Mill

- Maestro Mill
- 1 sachet of Premium Kampot Pepper


Additional Jars

- 3 empty glass jars
- 1 erasable marker


A wide selection of peppers

Peugeot carefully selected a wide selection of peppers for you to appreciate.

One mill, unlimited possibilities

Maestro is both fun and intuitive. With a quick twist, the mill can switch from one pepper variety to another.

To explore new flavours, simply unscrew the compartment beneath the mill and replace it with another compartment filled with the pepper of your choice.


One pepper, a wide range of flavours

The grind size plays a key role in unleashing a pepper's full bouquet of aromas.

  • A fine grind to reveal the pepper’s power
  • A coarse grind to release the aromas
  • A medium grind to strike the perfect balance

Choose between 6 different grind settings to discover the range of flavours one pepper can offer and find out what your favourite pepper/grind combination is.

A premium mill, made in France

A huge selection of peppers to play with

At Peugeot, we take flavours seriously. We carefully selected an exclusive collection of six premium peppers with extraordinary aromas and an exceptionally fresh taste.

Will you fall for wild pepper's woody notes? Or perhaps spice up your cooking with the exclusive Fresh blend and Red Meat blends?

Discover our Chefs' recipes

World-renowned Chefs use Maestro in their kitchen.

Through their cooking, and with a few Maestro twists, they explore the flavours that peppers have to offer.