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Policy on personal privacy and cookies

1. Identity of the processing manager

https://www.uk.peugeot-saveurs.com/en/ is the website of the company PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC with a capital of 3 554 000 euros, registered with the trade and companies register of Besançon under the number RCS676180169.

Registered office:

Studio 112, The Glove Factory,
1 Brook Lane, Holt BA146RL,
Telephone: + 33 (0) 3 85 78 36 15
E-mail address: support-france@peugeot-saveurs.com


User: Any physical individual who is using the Site https://www.uk.peugeot-saveurs.com/en/ or any of the services provided on it.

Site: The site concerned is: https://www.uk.peugeot-saveurs.com/en/ as well as the mobile and desktop sites.

2. Collection and purposes of the processing of the data

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC collects personal data on every User who is browsing, viewing and ordering on our Site, in particular through the use of cookies in accordance with current legislation.

This data is collected if the User:

  • creates an account;
  • signs up to newsletters or alerts provided by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC;
  • places an order or makes a request to return an article on the site;
  • puts products in his/her shopping cart, via functional cookies (see paragraph “Cookies”), to allow him/her to complete his/her purchase later;
  • contacts the PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC Customer Services Department by any means of communication available to him/her, such as e-mail, telephone, etc.;
  • takes part in a promotional game / competition;
  • browses on the Site and views items;
  • leaves a comment or an opinion on an item;
  • shares an opinion with a friend by sending an email from an item card;
  • shares an opinion via Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest from an item card;
  • fills in a form for entering information, questionnaires on the Website.

The data collected is necessary for the following processing operations:

  • Management and paperwork concerning the commercial relationship between PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC and the customer (in particular operations relating to orders, deliveries and returns, transactions, payments and invoices, claims, etc.).
  • Introduction of alert and opinions services, as well as Newsletters.
  • Sending of sales literature.
  • Customization of the content of the Site, display of targeted advertising in particular on social networks; sharing of information with our business partners; production of statistics for measuring visitor numbers and for market research.
  • Introduction of promotional games.
  • Prevention of and combatting of fraud during the payment of the order.
  • Careers section: recruitment and applications.
3. Creation of account, forms and questionnaires

The User must fill in all the fields of the account creation form or all the fields of the contact form (questionnaire) on the Site.
All required information is mandatory. The User is required to complete the form in full..

If no reply is provided, it will not be possible to create an account or the information form will not be validated. PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC will not consider the User’s requests.

4. Telephone number and postal address

The postal address and the telephone number of the customer are necessary for processing and managing orders as well as for the commercial relationship between PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC and the customer.

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC also uses this personal data for sales canvassing purposes.

At any time, the customer has the option of registering his or her opposition in a procedure which is simple and free of charge on the Website in the “My account” section or by writing to the following address: PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC, Legal Department, ZA LA BLANCHOTTE, 25440 QUINGEY.

6. Recipients of the data

The data collected is intended for the use of PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC. Data may be sent to commercial and advertising partners, credit lenders, customer opinion providers, and the police in the event of court petitions.

The data may also be processed by subcontractors which PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC uses to customise the contents of the Site, for the shipment of orders, the recovery of debts, the prevention and combatting of fraud, community chat applications.

7. Right to access, correct and delete

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Provisions in force, the User is entitled to limit the data processing; to access, modify, correct and delete his/her data, as well as data portability. The user may expressly refuse to allow his or her personal data to be processed.

To do this, all the User has to do is write to PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC, Legal Department, ZA LA BLANCHOTTE, 25440 QUINGEY or fill out the “Contact customer services” form online.

The User needs to indicate his or her surname, first name and postal address. His or her request must be signed and accompanied by valid ID bearing his or her signature. The User may specify the address to which the reply needs to be sent.

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC has 1 month as of the receipt of the request from the User to respond to it. At the end of this period, the Customer may apply to the CNIL in the event of a negative response or absence of response from PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC.

Finally, the User is also entitled to refer to the competent administrative authority in case he/she considers that his/her rights have not been respected.

8. Transfer of personal data outside the European Union

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC informs the User that his or her personal data may be sent to service providers located in the United States in order to optimise its advertising campaigns. These service providers comply with the “Privacy Shield” agreement. PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC may transfer the data relating to the activities which form part of the sales relationship with the customer.

9. Duration of data storage

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC keeps the data for five years as from one of the following events:

  • the last order;
  • the last time when the customer account was logged-on to;
  • the last call to customers services;
  • the last mail sent to customers services;
  • the click on a hyperlink of an e-mail sent by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC;
  • when products were placed in the cart without completing the purchase;
  • the positive response to a mail from PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC asking if the customer would like to continue receiving sales literature at the end of the five-year period.


At the end of this period, the data of the customer or prospect will be deleted or made anonymous.

Nevertheless, the information used for establishing proof of right or a contract, or which must be kept in accordance with a legal obligation, may be archived in accordance with current legal provisions.

10. Security measures taken by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC for protecting personal data

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC uses all technical resources, in accordance with professional standards, in order to maintain the integrity, security, and confidentiality of the data and, in particular, prevent the data from being disclosed, distorted, damaged, or third parties from having unauthorized access to it.

When an order is placed, no banking data is collected or stored by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC. PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC uses the services from certified PCI – DSS providers to ensure the security of payments.

11. Fate of personal data after death

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC informs the User that he/she may decide on, during his/her lifetime, the guidelines for storing, erasing and providing his or her personal data after his or her death. These directives may be general or special. The User may change or cancel his/her guidelines at any time. To do this, the User may contact PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC, Legal Department, ZA LA BLANCHOTTE, 25440 QUINGEY or fill out the “Contact customer services” form online.


The User may subscribe to the PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC newsletter and thus choose to be informed at regular intervals about the offers on the Site.

At any moment, the User has the option of adjusting the information that he or she wishes to receive or to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided for this purpose and which can be found at the bottom of each newsletter. This link is also available on the website in the “My account” section, for customers having subscribed to the newsletter.

13. Sales canvassing

In accordance with article L 34 – 5 of the postal and electronic communications code, PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC may send sales canvassing literature electronically to a User as long as the User is already a customer of PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC, did not object to receiving sales literature during the creation of his or her account and that the sales canvassing concerns products or services which are similar to those already purchased by the User from PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC.

At any moment, the User has the option of unsubscribing by clicking on the subscription cancellation link provided on the website in the “My account” section.

Users who do not wish to receive sales canvassing telephone calls are informed that they are entitled to oppose the telephone canvassing by entering their landline and/or mobile telephone numbers on the refusal list which is free and accessible via the site http://www.bloctel.gouv.fr/. Users are informed that the request takes 30 days from the confirmation of registration to be effective. This registration is valid for 3 years.

14. Alerts

Authenticated Users may register for alerts offered by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC. The User may at any time unsubscribe from the alerts to which he or she has subscribed.

15. Opinion

This service allows the customer to leave an opinion on the Site about a product that he or she has purchased and to share his or her experience. The opinions which are published are accessible to the public and available on the Site at any time. The customer authorises PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC to publish and provide his/her opinion on the product, on the Site.

The opinion must not constitute a message which is defamatory, abusive, unlawful, vulgar, slanderous with regard to third parties, physical individuals or legal entities, racist or which incites discrimination, damages the honour/reputation of others, or is violent or pornographic, and more generally, not compliant with current legislation.

As such, PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC reserves the right to delete any opinion which does not comply with the aforementioned provisions.

Under no circumstances can PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC be held responsible for the content of these opinions.

16. Cookies

16.1. Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a small text file which is placed or stored on the User’s terminal (computer, tablet or mobile device) whenever he/she visits a website. The cookie allows a site to recognize the User, to help the latter browse from page to page on a Website, provides secure connections and remembers the User’s preferences during his/her subsequent visits.PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC uses cookies in order to recognize the User (irrespective of whether he or she is a customer or not) when he or she is logged on to the Site. PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC also uses the “Localstorage” of the browser which basically works in the same way as cookies. If you decide to remove cookies, you will also remove the “Localstorage” from the browser.

16.2. Consent

The deposits of certain cookies on the User’s browser is subject to his/her express consent.

16.3. Removing cookies

The User may, at any time, disable the cookies stored on his or her terminal. To do this, all the User needs to do is to select the appropriate settings in his or her browser settings.

However, disabling the cookies will result in denying access to certain features of the Site which make it possible to customize the services provided by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC.

16.4. The different types of cookies used

  • Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies allow you to browse the site and are essential in order for the Site to function properly. Disabling them will result in difficulties in the use of the Site and will have the effect of preventing access to certain features.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies are used for remembering your preferences, and your choices, in order to make your experience of using the Site a more personal one. Statistics and performance cookies: these cookies collect information about how Users use the Site (the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the visitors’ activity), via Google Analytics and Facebook analytical systems, and can be used by our business partners. These cookies also enable us to identify and solve operational problems affecting the Site as well as to improve the way the Site works.
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies store information so that customized advertising, tailored to suit your interests, can be sent to you. They also help us to record the activity of our advertising areas, to measure audiences etc…
  • Partner cookies: these are the cookies which have been placed on the terminal by partner companies, which are for identifying the items viewed or purchased on the Site and for collecting browsing data in order to customize the advertising which is sent to the User outside the Site. As part of this type of advertising partnership, PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC may be required to send, to its partner, data concerning the items viewed by the User when browsing the site as well as the nature of his or her purchases. Disabling these cookies shall prevent access to certain features offered by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC partner companies.
  • Social network buttons: PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC provides internet users with shareware buttons (such as Facebook) and social network plugins.For example, if the User is logged into Facebook when browsing on the Site, Facebook may directly link his or her visit to his or her Facebook account, even if the User has not used the share button. If the User interacts using the plugins, for example by clicking on the “I Like” button or by leaving a comment, the corresponding information will be sent and recorded on a Facebook server. It will be published in the User’s Facebook account. PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC does not manage the data collected by the Social Networks via the buttons. The User must familiarise himself with the policy on the protection of personal data published by the Social Networks concerned and this, in order to understand the terms and conditions of processing and using the data collected by the Social Networks as well as the settings options available to the User for protecting his or her personal privacy. If the User does not want the Social Network to link the information collected via PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC to his or her Social Network user account, he or she should log off from the Social Network before visiting the Site.

16.5.    Managing cookies

So as to be able to manage cookies and your choices, each browser is configured differently. It is described in the Help menu in your browser, which will explain to you how to change your wishes in terms of cookies.

16.5.1. Cookies management module

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC provides Users of the Site with a module which allows them to say no to cookies being placed on the Site. To do this, the User can click on the button “I customize” in the information banner which states the purposes of the cookies which have been placed or click on the tab “My account”, in the “My cookies” section. At any time, the User has the option of changing his or her choice via the “My cookies” section.

16.5.2. Disabling cookies via the major browsers:

Internet explorer

  • In the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”.
  • Then click on the “Privacy” tab
  • Click on the button “Advanced” to make the window “Advanced Privacy settings” appear.
  • Then tick the box “Ignore the automatic management of cookies”, then select “Refuse” and save your preferences by clicking on “OK”.

Mozilla Firefox

  • In the menu at the top of the page, click on “Tools”, then “Options”.
  • Select the “Personal privacy” tab.
  • Set the menu “Rules of conservation”, click on “Use the custom settings for history”.
  • Untick the box “Accept third-party cookies” and save your preferences by clicking on “OK”.

Google Chrome

  • In the menu, click on “Settings” then on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Select the “Privacy” tab then the “Content settings” menu.
  • Tick the box “Block cookies and data from third party sites” and save your preferences by clicking on “OK”.Safari
  • In the menu at the top of the page click on “Safari”, then “Preferences”.
  • Then click on the “Privacy” tab
  • Untick the box “Accept cookies” and save your preferences.

16.5.3. Deactivation via an inter-professional platform

You can also log on to the site Youronlinechoices, which is provided by digital advertising companies which are all members of the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance), and is managed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. This European platform is shared by hundreds of advertising companies on the Internet and forms a central interface allowing you to express your refusal or acceptance of cookies which are likely to be used to adapt the adverts, which are liable to be displayed, to the way you browse on your terminal: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/fr/controler-ses-cookies/.

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC informs the User that this procedure does not prevent advertisements from being displayed on the websites that you visit. It will only block technologies that allow the advertising to be tailored to your interests.

17. Web tags

PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC uses web tags on certain pages of the Site for counting the number of visitors to the page.

These web tags may be used with some of our commercial partners, particularly in order to measure and improve the effectiveness of certain advertisements.

The information collected via these web tags is anonymous and makes it possible to find out the number of visits to certain pages of the Site, and this in order to provide better assistance to Users of the Site.

18. Preventing and combatting fraud

The data collected is also used for preventing and combatting fraud, in particular credit card fraud. PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC reserves the right to check the personal data provided by the customer when the order is placed and to adopt any measures which it considers necessary for verifying that the person, whose bank account is being debited, is indeed the person who placed the order, so as to avoid any fraudulent payment. This verification may take the form of a request for proof of identity and/or home address.

If there is no response from the customer, PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the customer.

19. Recruitment and applications

The personal information collected is processed by computer in accordance with the legal provisions in force concerning the protection of personal data, in order to manage and keep track of applications using recruitment software on our Website. The processing manager is the company PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC (see “Identity of the processing manager”).

The data collected is intended for the management and follow-up of applications and recruitments by PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC, and is kept for 1 year as from the application reception date.

Applicants are entitled to limit the data processing; to access, modify, correct and delete any personal data, as well as to refuse the portability of their personal data. Applicants are also entitled to refer to the competent administrative authority in case they consider that their rights have not been respected.

Applicants may oppose the disclosure of their personal data. All he or she has to do is write to PEUGEOT SAVEURS SNC, Legal Department, ZA LA BLANCHOTTE, 25440 QUINGEY.

Applicants need to provide their surname, first names and postal address. The request must be signed and specify the address to which the reply needs to be sent. He or she will then receive an answer within 1 month following the receipt of the request, as evidenced by the postmark.