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Appolia Slate Ceramic Tart Dish, 30cm

Peugeot's exceptional high-quality ceramic makes it easier and more enjoyable to bake sweet and savoury tarts evenly and to crispy, crumbly, flaky perfection. Present your homemade recipes to the table with pride in this super stylish slate tart dish.

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Tart dish for delicate baking with precision

The Appolia ceramic pie dish from Peugeot will be a long-lasting, reliable asset to have in your kitchen cupboard when choosing to prepare sweet and savoury tarts or pies. You can feel confident that they will be baked evenly to perfection so there's no need to fear an unwanted soggy bottom. With its wide handles, your ceramic tart dish can be easily and safely removed from the oven and delivered to the table and the slightly satin slate tone will showcase all your creations in contemporary style. Made in France with Peugeot's superior mechanical know-how and expertise, this ceramic oven dish is resistant to thermal shock and will keep your tarts and pies warm for up to 30 minutes ensuring that your second helping will be just as satisfying as your first. The perfectly smooth and abrasion-resistant enamel stops pastry from sticking to the edges, which makes serving a dream and cleaning a breeze.