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Slate Grey Soufflé Dish Ø22 cm - 8,6", 24,4L - 2,2QT

An emblem of French gastronomy, the soufflé may seem complicated to make. Unless you’re using the Peugeot Appolia soufflé dish! Ergonomic design to encourage even heat distribution and a good rise, with handles that make it easy to take out of the oven and rounded corners for easy cleaning, every detail has been considered to prevent any risk of collapse of your soufflés.
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For a soft and golden Soufflé

For all your traditional or creative soufflé recipes, the Appolia Soufflé Dish from Peugeot is the ideal companion. The ceramic offers perfect cooking and exceptional durability. The high edge design allows your soufflé to rise properly in the oven. A practical item, its ergonomic handles will make it easy to carry from oven to table. Out of the oven, the ceramic thermal inertia guarantees that your dish stays warm for about 30 minutes. Ideal for multiple servings and big appetites! The Slate Grey Appolia Soufflé Dish is made in Brittany, following the ceramics tradition.