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Appolia Slate Grey Soufflé Baking Dish

Take the fear out of baking a soufflé and let this custom-made baking dish from Peugeot do all the hard work. Every detail of the ergonomic and elegant design has been carefully thought through so you can create this classic dish, synonymous with French gastronomy with confidence and without complication.
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The perfect baking dish for a soft and golden soufflé

Sweet and savoury soufflés will soon become your signature dinner party dish as your confidence and creativity blossom after having used Peugeot's Appolia Soufflé baking dish a few times. The exceptional ceramic encourages even heat distribution and a good gentle rise, with high edges for support and minimal risk of collapse. Served straight from the oven, the thermal inertia of this baking dish guarantees that your soufflé stays warm for up to 30 minutes which lets everyone relax and the conversation flow. This soufflé baking dish will serve up to six guests but it's just as useful for two if you have built up a healthy appetite and are hoping for multiple helpings.