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Bistro Antique
Manual Salt Mill in Aged Wood, 10cm

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A salt mill with nostalgic charm

The authentic simplicity of this striking salt mill will appeal to all who appreciate fine craftsmanship using aged wood that has been expertly worked by hand to reveal the natural, unique beauty of this natural material. This design is a new vision for the original salt and pepper mill model created in 1874 and showcases all of the skill and quality engineering that has consistently delivered exceptional everyday products ever since. The Bistro collection of salt and pepper mills has become synonymous with French café culture and traditional bouchons but with this salt mill, you can bring all the character, relaxed dining style and passion for good food into your own home. As with all Peugeot salt and pepper mills, the steel mechanism is exclusive and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The button at the top is used to adjust the size of the salt grind to give you precision seasoning every time. The tighter the button is twisted, the finer the salt and vice versa. This antique salt mill will enhance the flavour of your food and the authenticity of your cooking.