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Jewel button
Glossy chrome button for pepper mills

This jewel button will bring a sleek, stylish touch to your manual pepper mill.  Featuring the letter "P" so you can easily identify the contents within, this button is the perfect replacement should you lose one or fancy modifying the style of your pepper mill. You can pair this button with the Bistrorama and Nancy pepper mills or with those that have a high-gloss finish in the iconic Paris collection.

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In stock

A fine finish for a chic pepper mill

This magnificent jewel button is designed for Peugeot's complete range of manual pepper mills (excluding the Lalique, Mignonnette, Paris Prestige and Palace collections). With its sleek and stylish finish, it will sit majestically on top of any of the prestigious pepper mills within the Bistrorama, Nancy, Paris gloss, Oslo and Isen collections and will cleverly allow you to easily adjust the size and texture of the pepper grind on the non-u’Select models. The tighter the button is screwed, the finer the grind, which will deliver an intense burst of heat. Conversely, the looser it is, the coarser the grind, which will release all the subtle, complex aromas of this spice.

- For manual pepper mills (u'Select and non-u'Select models)
- Compatible with pepper mills from 10cm to 80cm
- Can be used to adjust the grind setting on non-u'Select pepper mills
- Not compatible with the Mignonnette, Palace, Paris Icône, Paris Prestige and Lalique collections