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Ceramic Bread Sampler Baking Dish, 37.5cm


This practical and cleverly designed ovenware makes baking bread easy and incredibly satisfying. Made in France, this bread-baking dish allows you to prepare multiple homemade rolls & loaves in a variety of shapes but all with an irresistible crispy crust and fluffy centre.

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Ceramic ovenware for brilliant bread-making

For special occasions or everyday use, you will impress everyone with your ability to produce mini-baguettes, round buns and hot dog rolls all baked evenly and in one single bread oven dish. Be bold and feel confident about trying different styles, flours, fillings and finishes. Do you fancy traditional white, wholegrain, cinnamon-spiced or something textured with nuts and seeds? Let your imagination and tastebuds be your guide and you'll be applying for Bake Off in no time. The Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Bread Sampler baking dish is made from natural raw materials and manufactured in the heart of Brittany, in Western France. This baking dish has 6 moulds so you can create 3 different roll shapes at a time and has been ingeniously designed with a non-glazed finish on the inside to recreate the humid cooking environment that is essential to bake bread all the way through, giving it an exceptionally good crust. The wide grooved handles make this baking dish easy to use, easy to clean and even dishwasher friendly.