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Clef du Vin
Travel-sized wine aging tool

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A unique tool that ages wine by 1 year after 1 second

The patented Peugeot Clef du Vin wine aging tool is a measuring device that can tell you the aging potential of any type of wine.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, taste it and savour that moment. Dip the Wine aging Tool into the wine and taste it again. Every second of contact with the wine corresponds to a year of aging. If, after several contacts, the wine still keeps its qualities, or if indeed it improves, it has very good aging potential and is worth keeping. If the wine loses its qualities after just one or two seconds of contact, it has no future potential. You can repeat this operation until there are clear signs of decline, which allows you to determine how long to keep the wine. The wine aging tool, which is the product of 10 years of intense research by Peugeot's passionate team of oenologists, can also allow you to enjoy a wine that is too young, without having to wait.