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Elis reverse
Wooden Electric Corkscrew With Rechargeable Battery

Made exclusively in France, the Elis Reverse is Peugeot's first wooden-bodied rechargeable electric corkscrew. 100% automatic, it is easy to operate by pressing onto the bottle and ejecting the cork with a twist of the wrist.
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Elis reverse 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

Advanced technology in rustic style

A symbol of Peugeot’s expertise, this rechargeable electric corkscrew boasts fully automatic technology which extracts the cork in a matter of seconds by simply pressing onto the bottle before ejecting it with a tilt of the wrist. This rechargeable electric corkscrew is suitable for any bottle and any type of cork whether traditional or plastic and the battery will live to open an average of 50 bottles before needing to be charged. The Elis Reverse corkscrew in beautiful beechwood comes with a foil cutter included.