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Manual Nutmeg Mill in Lightweight Acrylic, 15cm

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A contemporary nutmeg mill that brings out all the flavour of this traditional spice

Freshly ground over a steaming hot soup, sprinkled on a soufflé or mixed into stewed apple, nutmeg has a unique ability to lift both sweet and savoury dishes with a distinct yet subtle flavour.  All the greatest cooks will have a story to tell about grating their fingers as well as the nutmeg but with the Goa nutmeg mill, all it takes is a twist of the hand to delicately fragrance your dishes while keeping your digits safe.  Equipped with a powerful claw as well as a double blade and grater rotating at the same time, the Peugeot Goa nutmeg mill efficiently grinds down the spice into a fine powder that is easy to incorporate into any dish at any stage of cooking.  The reservoir can hold up to three nutmegs and it's transparency will ensure you always know when to top up.  The contemporary design will suit any modern style kitchen or dining table setting.