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Whisky Tasting Glass
Whisky Glass with Cooling Base, 29cl

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A whisky glass that reveals more than just the taste

Peugeot has created a collection of exquisite whisky glasses that take you on a sensory adventure. Combining stunning aesthetics with a clever design that gets the best from your whisky, cognac, brandy, armagnac and more, these glasses are a pure pleasure for any connoisseur. Keep the cooling base in the freezer for a few hours before placing it under the glass and pouring - the top of the dome should be higher than the liquid. After 2 to 3 minutes, the whisky is chilled to between 5 and 8 degrees celcius and ready for you to enjoy the full colour spectrum before the sensational aroma hits. The shape of the glass has been designed to develop and release the complexities of aroma so take your time to discover them before you experience that first taste. Pure pleasure requires plenty of patience!