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Line Reverse
Rechargeable Electric Carbon Grey Corkscrew, 21cm

With its long battery life, fast charging functionality and fully automatic cork extraction/ejection mechanism, the Line Reverse electric corkscrew has more than one advantage to its credit. The carbon finish completes its cool, contemporary character.


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An electric corkscrew with functionality & flair

Metalwork has always been inextricably woven into Peugeot's DNA. With its aluminum finish, the Line Reverse reflects Peugeot's ability to break new ground by offering a fully automatic rechargeable electric corkscrew with an advanced graphic and contemporary design. Line Reverse is fitted with the latest Li-ion battery that will extract 80 corks before needing to be recharged, which can be done quickly in just 2.5 hours. Corks can be extracted by simply pressing the corkscrew down on the bottle and then a simple flick of the wrist will eject the cork from the corkscrew. 

- Fully automatic operation
- Effortless cork extraction
- Intuitive cork ejection by tilting the corkscrew to a 90° angle
- Long battery life and fast charging:+C20:D20 Li-ion technology
- Includes a foil cutter with a carbon finish
- Five-year warranty