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Manual Acrylic Wet Salt Mill, 14cm

The Molène salt mill model is designed to grind sea salt, which has a high level of moisture and is equipped with a patented Peugeot mechanism that can obtain a uniform grind without the risk of blocking.
Grinding system

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A salt mill for the sea

Designed specifically for wet salt, also called grey salt, the Molène salt Mill is equipped with a patented mechanism that is guaranteed to deliver a consistent grind without the risk of blocking or clumping. What’s the secret? The Peugeot ceramic mechanism is equipped with a blade that mixes the salt to aerate it and encourage a constant flow. This innovation, which comes with a lifetime warranty, is combined with an elegant pearly white and transparent design that reflects the light. The Molène salt mill has also been crafted with a slight twist, which gives you a good grip. Pair the Molene White salt mill with a matching pepper mill to create the perfect duo!