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Manual Acrylic Salt Mill, 10cm

The Bistro model is the ultimate table salt mill and pays tribute to the first mill made by Peugeot back in 1874. This acrylic version highlights the salt mill's timeless style and allows users to marvel at the mechanics within.  Suitable for use with dry rock salt only.

Grinding system

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In stock
Bistro 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

A contemporary look for a classic salt mill

This salt mill and its stainless steel mechanism are made in France specifically for grinding dry rock salt crystals. The grind size can be easily adjusted using the brilliant button on top of the salt mill. The tighter it is screwed, the finer the texture and vice versa.  Alongside the Bistro acrylic pepper mill, it will form the perfect pair on any restaurant or kitchen table.

- Made in France
- Mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty
- Five-year warranty for the salt mill
- For grinding dry rock salt with a crystal size of less than or equal to 4mm
- Ready to use with salt crystals included
- Not suitable for use with wet, even dried sea salt