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Manual Chilli Grinder in Chocolate Beech Wood and Acrylic, 14cm


Designed for efficiently grinding dried chilli pepper, the Oléron chilli grinder offers plenty of heat and flavour to fire up your food and stimulate your senses. The transparent body evokes movement and plays subtly with light, in clever contrast with the earthy tones of chocolate beech wood. 

Grinding system

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A chilli grinder with plenty of fire and flavour

The chocolate-finished Oléron chilli grinder is designed to simplify the grinding of dried chilli peppers for everyday cooking and enjoyment of food. Its patented mechanism, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, crushes the chilli pepper before grinding it finely so it is suitable to add at any stage of the food preparation. This compact chilli grinder with its elegant silhouette, twisted, transparent body and natural beech wood, complements the salt and pepper mills in the same collection so you can season in style.