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Manual Chilli Grinder in Natural Wood and Acrylic, 14cm

The Oléron chilli grinder is designed to add heat to any dish, whether you are experimenting with exotic cuisine or just like to experience flavour with a bit more fire. The chilli grinder mechanism crushes the dried chilli peppers before grinding them into a fine, powder that packs a punch.
Grinding system

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The spice that will inspire adventure

Chilli pepper will take you on a journey of discovery like no other spice, introducing you to new food cultures around the globe.  The Oléron chilli grinder makes it easier to enjoy these exotic experiences of taste and can elevate any dish, no matter how uninspiring it may seem at first. Specifically designed to grind dried chilli peppers, the cutting-edge mechanism incorporates a system that crushes the pepper before grinding it into a fine powder.  This particular Oléron chilli grinder has a distinctive natural beech wood head that would fit a farmhouse-style kitchen, while the twisted, translucent body ensures that it would be just as comfortable in a modern, urban diner.