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Manual Wooden & Acrylic Pepper Mill, 14cm

The Peugeot Oléron pepper mill invites you to enrich your discovery of flavour by experimenting with non-conventional pepper varieties that will surprise your senses. The transparent body gives you an insight into how the full potential of each peppercorn is released and the natural wooden head gives this pepper mill plenty of poise.
Grinding system

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A pepper mill of discovery

The Oléron pepper mill in natural wood appeals to all the senses through the transparency and radiance of acrylic, which balances beautifully with the softness of natural-coloured wood. The majestic button on top of the pepper mill can be used to adjust the size of the pepper grind to suit your taste (the tighter it is, the finer the texture). As with all Peugeot salt and pepper mills, the steel grinding mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee. Only when pepper is ground at the last minute is it able to reveal the full extent of its flavour.