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Set of Manual Beechwood Salt and Pepper Mills in Black and White, 20cm

This set of contrasting salt and pepper mills offers significant polish, performance and practicality. The Tahiti model is a design classic but the monochrome colours ensure these salt and pepper mills fit into any contemporary kitchen.
  • Black & White

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Salt and pepper mills that contrast and complement

These Tahiti salt and pepper mills exude classic elegance with their slender bodies and elongated curves which incorporate a highly efficient Peugeot grinding mechanism that comes with a lifetime guarantee. The beech wood, sourced from sustainably managed European forests, is smooth to touch but strong enough to be used intensively. The buttons on top of the salt and pepper mills are used to adjust the grind to suit your own personal taste and recipe requirements: the tighter it is, the finer the texture. A cool, contemporary addition to any kitchen but would not look out of place as part of a more traditional table setting.